The Problems With The Periodontist

The health of the mouth is one of the parts of the body that can be more affected; this due to bad habits or for questions of diseases; it is for that reason that in any stage of our life, the necessary cares always exist. In children, parents must encourage good cleaning habits, and in senior care Tijuana stays, caregivers should do the cleaning for them. One of the conditions that can result from not taking care of the oral cavity is periodontitis.

What is periodontitis?

It is the inflammation of tissues, where not only the gums are affected, but also the teeth. As the tissues are inflamed, it causes the teeth to have less support, thus causing them to fall out sooner. Similarly, the bone is affected because of all the damage to these structures. This disease can arise as a consequence of a disorder suffered by the bacteria naturally found in our mouth. Despite this, there are different stages due to the progression of the condition.

It is important to note that there is a large number of people who may have periodontitis, where young adults often generate this condition between the ages of 30 and 15. But this condition is more common in older adults. More than 30% of these people have some stage of periodontitis.

Does periodontitis pose a risk?

Of course, it represents a risk, and it is a disease that can cause severe damage. Mainly because the bacteria found in the mouth get into the tissues, causing an acute inflammation that first starts as gingivitis and finally the loss of teeth.  When teeth begin to fall out due to bone and support loss, it will be necessary to opt for dental treatments such as dental implants in Tijuana.

What are the causes for a person to have periodontitis?

One of the most frequent reasons is due to bad hygiene. So it is elementary that people carry out an ideal cleaning routine. Where brushing is done after every meal, using the indicated brush, as well as flossing to remove food debris and using mouthwash to remove excess bacteria. With proper cleaning, it is possible to prevent bacterial plaque from spreading and forming tartar clusters.

Tobacco is another reason why a person can develop periodontitis, mainly because the blood flow in the oral cavity decreases considerably. Although there may be no symptoms at first, the truth is that this disease grows very fast, so symptoms may occur when the condition is already at a reasonably advanced stage.

Certain diseases can cause periodontitis. One of them is obesity, where the excess of sweet food causes bacterial plaque to grow and deposit on the teeth more straightforwardly. If accompanied by poor hygiene, there is an increased chance of periodontitis.

Stress is a state that can cause an imbalance in many parts of the body. The mouth is one of them since the instability that exists causes direct effects in the oral cavity, so there must be a control of the stress episodes that a person may present.