4 Best Beaches In Los Angeles

Although in Los Angeles it is possible to visit several places, one of the main tourist points, which many people forget is the beaches. It is well known that within this city it is possible to find the most beautiful beaches in the United States and go that there is no mistake in this. If you want to be in a place where you can enjoy nature and the outdoors, we recommend visiting any of the beaches that we will recommend below.

El Matador State Beach

Unlike the other beaches in the city, El Matador is characterized by the fact that its landscape includes enormous rocks that give the environment the feeling of being inside a bay. These rocks are home to different forms of fauna, mainly because these rocky structures form caves where it is possible to find crabs that are hidden in the rocks. This beach is usually very visited just when the sun goes down because the blue water, the golden sand, and the rocks make the sunset look like taken from a beautiful postcard.

To access this beach, it is necessary to walk along a path of steps that crosses the huge rocks and end in the soft sand. El Matador is ideal for enjoying some time alone or for being accompanied by friends or family. It is essential to take precautions since the water is cold, and there may be many small stones that can hurt if we are not careful.

Venice Beach

If you are looking to be entertained while enjoying the pleasant view of the beach, Venice Beach is an excellent option since it is located within one of the busiest areas in LA. This beach is the best known in the whole city, and this is due to all the activities and shops found in the surrounding area. The picturesque touches, the people walking on the beach, and the fashion and food shops make Venice Beach a pleasant stay.  Thanks to the breakwater in the area, it is ideal for adventurous surfers who want to enjoy a unique experience in the waves. You can take surfing lessons, in which they provide you with special suits and boards.

Hermosa Beach

It’s another of LA’s most beautiful beaches, so it’s another great place to visit. Hermosa Beach is located within the strip that connects several beaches, such as Manhattan Beach. The variety that exists in this site allows it to be suitable for any audience since both children and adults can enjoy everything that Hermosa Beach has to offer. In the surroundings, it is possible to find shops and several restaurants, so there are many options to choose from. Just a few minutes away, you can enjoy the Santa Monica Pier, Manhattan Beach, Venice Beach, and Santa Monica Beach.

Playa Santa Monica

Santa Monica is one of the most beloved communities for both tourists and Americans, mainly because within it, you will find some of the most luxurious hotels, as well as the most prestigious restaurants in the entire county. Within this area, it is possible to enjoy a pleasant stay, to tour the pier so historical and representative of all Santa Monica, enjoy the views of the cliffs, among other things more. This beach is ideal for visiting with friends or family.

Definitely. Los Angeles is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States, where it is possible to move from LAX to San Diego very quickly, as well as in other parts of the country. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this great city.