Things You Need To Avoid If You want White Teeth

One of the main goals that people want when taking care of their teeth is that they have a white color. This color is associated with excellent cleanliness. Although there are many professional methods for people to get the results they want, many are more inclined to home methods that can significantly harm the health and appearance of teeth.

Use of mouthwashes?

Although the use of this element does help to whiten teeth, and even more if combined with chlorhexidine, the frequent use of this substance can cause the opposite, since it leaves a dark-colored layer on the surface of the teeth. This can lead to teeth being pigmented instead of helping to whiten them. To avoid this, the person must go to a dentist to do a deep oral cleaning once or twice a year.

Iron supplements

The use of this mineral is recommended mainly for people with anemia, but it is necessary to make it clear that the excess or prolonged use of these supplements can generate significant changes in the dental pieces. Principally this mineral can be deposited in those areas where there is a high percentage of bacterial plaque, causing tartar and stains on the teeth. Although this fact may sound a little alarming, it is straightforward to remove these accumulations caused by iron; you should only go to a dentist so that he can remove tartar and all these stains.


This is one of the main steps that people must take, but it is not only a matter of passing the toothbrush through the entire area, but there are techniques so that all the bacterial plaque and the remains of the food can be removed properly. Although many people believe that the stronger you brush, the more comfortable you will be able to remove the bacteria, they are in total error. It is not necessary to exert a lot of pressure on the teeth since you will only cause the tooth enamel to be lost and therefore change color. Also, intense washing can damage the gums, causing them to bleed at the time of cleaning.

That is why it is important that, when buying a brush, always opt for those that within their specifications have the words “soft or regular bristles.” These are definitely the most effective to remove all bacteria and keep the tooth enamel protected. It is recommended that you use a toothpaste that does not have a granular texture as part of your routine.

Drastic temperatures

Definitively, the changes in temperature harm the dental pieces, and it is that these shocks cause that the protective layer of the tooth is cracked. This can cause pigments containing certain foods or beverages to enter deeper into the tooth and deposit inside it. If this is the case, it is already more complicated to remove the stains, so the person must go to a dentist so that the specialist can perform a much deeper cleaning or to implement veneers Tijuana.

Beware of Home Remedies

Although nowadays it is easier to obtain information about what people can do to get perfect white teeth, it is necessary to be cautious with this type of recommendation because it is often not information provided by a specialist.

Use of vinegar: Many websites recommend the use of acetic acid, but please never implement it into your routine dental cleaning. Although it can remove stains deposited on teeth, it also causes tooth enamel to be lost so that teeth will stain even more.

There must be a lot of care with the things we implement in dental cleaning because they can only damage the teeth. It is better to make proper hygiene to avoid stains and go to the dentist.