How Do I Keep My Makeup Looking Fresh All Day?

For an event, it is important to always look perfect, but on many occasions, the sweat and natural oil of the skin can ruin our makeup. We want our makeup to look impeccable at all times so we can make our prom dresses in San Antonio. To prevent weather, sweat, and sebum from damaging our makeup, here are some tips you can use.

Skin Care

Before starting with makeup, our skin must be in optimal condition; for this, it is essential to take a cleansing process according to the needs of our facial skin. If skin tends to be dry, the products used in our hygiene must contain compounds that provide hydration and moisture to the face. If the skin tends to be more oily, the products will be aimed at trying to reduce the percentage of sebum secreted by the skin. For this, we will use moisturizing products.

To improve the appearance of the skin, we can bring a treatment aimed at giving the skin luminosity, and this is possible thanks to an exfoliation. This step will help us eliminate dead cells on the surface so that the face looks cleaner and has a smoother, softer texture.


This product is a marvel because, depending on its functionality, i.e., whether it is to diminish the appearance of pores, to add shine to the skin, to correct skin color or to mitigate, it will help us to keep makeup in place. To understand this product a little more, we could say that it is a kind of glue that allows the makeup base to remain longer. We can find in the market many options for this product, from pharmacy brands to luxury brands.

Makeup base

We can use many tricks so that our base does not run and remains impeccable:

The base can be mixed with a small amount of moisturizer. This helps the skin not to look stiff and the makeup to look more natural. Because we’re moisturizing, we counteract any dry patches we may have on the skin.

If your skin is oily, you can mix the makeup base with so much powder, and after doing this combination, we put it on our face. This helps to mitigate the base and make the base last longer.

Seal the base. It is crucial that, if we want the base not to run, we use a little loose powder to secure the base.

Eye Primer

Just as there is the first for the face, there is also a primer indicated exclusively for the eye area. If we want the color of the shadows to look more pigmented, we must use this product. The primer one will also help us so that the shadows do not fade away.


Many times the eyeliner can fade due to sweat; to avoid this, we can use a little shade above the eyeliner. The shadow will serve as a sealer.

Setting spray

This product should never be missing in our cosmetic bag and is that the use of this spray will help us that all makeup remains much longer. This spray can be used before makeup, but don’t forget that once the makeup is finished, put it all over your face.