What is an Ionic Hair Dryer and what Features Should You Look for when Buying One?

An ionic hair dryer utilizes technology that generates millions of negative ions that help break water molecules down. This enables the blow dryer to dry one;ls hair much quicker due to the fact that heat is not the only thing being used to force hot air flow. But when you go to buy the best ionic hair dryer, what features should you look for? This article is intended to help readers learn about ionic hair dryers at a general level so that they can make an educated purchasing decision. 

Look for an Ionic Hair Dryer with Tourmaline Ceramic Technology

An ionic hair dryer is highly desired for many reasons, one being they help reduce frizz and heat damage. So if these concerns are chalked up pretty high on your list of concerns, be sure to invest in an ionic hair dryer that has tourmaline ceramic technology. This type of ceramic helps to evenly distribute heat, allows for greater temperature control, and helps to improve protection against hair frizz thus giving users healthier looking hair with a silky, smooth finish. 

Find an Ionic Hair Dryer that’s Comfortable to Hold

There are two main things that contribute to how comfortable an ionic hair dryer is to use: it’s weight and design. A perfect example of an ionic hair dryer that has mastered both of these specs is the Turbo ionic hair dryer by Instyler. Weighing only 13.5 oz, this ionic hair dryer is extremely light weight and therefore significantly removes the risk of strain or injury to the hand, wrist and forearm from having to hold a heavy object for lengthy periods while rotating it. In addition, it’s aerospace design was engineered for pure comfort while maximizing the effectiveness of the ionic hair dryer’s other features. 

A Good Ionic Hair Dryer will Have a Cool Shot Feature

Be sure to buy an ionic hair dryer that has a cool shot feature. A cool shot button allows hair to dry with lower heat settings to prevent damage as it seals the hair cuticle for a long-lasting shine. The general recommendation is to switch over to the cool shot feature when your hair is about 80 percent dry. And when you use an ionic hair dryer with a cool shot button, the drying time will be super fast thus allowing you to shorten the time it takes for you to get ready for a night out, or for work. 

High Power Motor and Other Features

When shopping for an ionic hair dryer, it is also important to get one with a powerful motor. The trick is to find an ionic hair dryer hairstyling tool that has one, but that doesn’t weigh a ton. Other features to look for include a long-enough power chord so that people can comfortably and conveniently use the ionic hair dryer in any bathroom configuration, no matter where the power outlets are located. A 9’ chord is an ideal, professional length. Also, look for an ionic hair dryer that has more than one heat setting, an infinity airflow dial, and a high-compression turbine fan. 

If you can find an ionic hair dryer with all of these features, then you can rest assured knowing you have a professional grade hair styling tool identical to the ones in the world;s top salons.