5 Habits That Can Affect Your Health

Certain factors can determine the health of your oral cavity, and many of them are related to our daily activities or things we live with regularly. We must take into account these points to know which products or activities we should put aside so as not to have problems with the health of our mouth.

Harmful cleaners

Recent researchers have determined that certain substances contained in the detergents we use for cleaning our home or office can irritate the mucous membrane located in the respiratory tract and, therefore, also the membranes inside the oral cavity. Modifications within the airways can significantly damage the stability of the lungs. Spray cleaners can dramatically do more harm than smoking. It is therefore recommended to avoid the use of disinfectants in this format; you can opt for a substance that is much more friendly to the environment and for the health of the person.

NO to the use of cotton swabs

Definitively to take correct hygiene is a necessary activity to maintain our health in a proper state. However, sometimes, we use methods that are not necessarily the most effective for our health. For a long time, we have been discussing the issue of whether or not cotton buds have a positive impact on health, but it is necessary to take into account that this utensil was not designed for cleaning the ears but for healing wounds.

If we use this tool for cleaning, we may present infections because the wax is pushed more profound, so the mass becomes stagnant and can produce diseases that, if not treated in time, can create significant problems such as perforation of the eardrum. It is necessary that, if we want to carry out a correct cleaning, no object is introduced inside the ears, a towel can be used to clean the outside area. If water has entered you, we only tilt the head on one side so that the water accumulated inside our ears can escape.

Beware of toothpaste

Most of the time, we buy the toothpaste that is usually cheaper or more functional for us, but it is necessary that before making the purchase, we check the ingredients that compose the toothpaste. It has been observed that components such as triclosan can affect the intestinal flora as this ingredient works as a bactericide. This can lead to the loss of the microbiota that protects our intestines. If this happens, we may begin to have colitis or diarrhea problems. You can opt for toothpaste containing natural ingredients, or if there is any doubt about oral health, you can turn to a holistic dentist Tijuana.

The danger of exceeding ourselves with alcohol

It has long been determined that exceeding alcoholic beverages can have a direct impact on our health. If we exceed the intake of these alcoholic beverages, that is, if we drink more than five drinks, we may have cardiovascular accidents, premature death, or heart failure. Also, people who tend to consume beverages such as wine are more likely to have a side effect on the aesthetics of the teeth, as they are losing their natural color.

Cancer is related to your location

People who live near places such as factories or industries that deal with certain pollutants such as chemicals or other substances are more likely to get breast cancer.

Many of the points already mentioned can be avoided within our daily activity, so if we make these small changes to stop consuming certain products, it can have a favorable impact on our health.