Do you provide samples? TOP

We offer a 5 for $4.00 sample pack with a limit of one, good on and loose eye shadows, loose blushes, and Pixie Sprinkles.  

Why limit sample sales?  As our aim is to sale either Petit or Full Size products we do not stock samples, they are filled at the time of order processing.  We average 30 - 40 orders a day so if everyone orders 5 samples we are still filling 150-200 baggies a day which is quite time consuming and greatly affects our processing time.

Can I cancel my order? TOP

When you place an order with Darling Girl, you are making a commitment to purchase that item(s), however we realize that sometimes things come up and will accept order cancellations within 5 business days of ordering.  All cancelled orders will be subject to a 15% restocking fee.

Can I add on to an existing order to save on shipping? TOP

Yes!  Use code ADDON for free shipping this code is good for 4 additional jars of shadow or blush.  Any more than that raises the shipping cost to the next tier and we take a loss on shipping. Your order will be cancelled if more than 4 additional jars are ordered with the ADDON code.  After placing your ADDON order email cs.dgcosmetics@gmail.com to let me of your additional order so I can make a notation on your previous order.

Why is international shipping so expensive? Other shops offer shipping for much cheaper. TOP

I can't speak to other shops but the average package that gets sent out weighs 3 ounces which puts shipping at $8.88 and our starting shipping is $9 so most times we take a small hit on shipping when you factor in mailers and other packaging.

Group orders are always a great way to save a little on shipping!

When will my order ship? TOP

 The current TAT is always listed on the home page.  Please remember these are business days.  Postal holidays and weekend do not count toward the TAT.

I just check my tracking and it is "Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS" What happened to my package? Was it ever sent? TOP

If you have received a shipping notification, a shipping label has been generated for your package, and it will go out in the next USPS pick-up.   However, USPS does not always scan packages correctly, so your attempts to track the shipment might not yield conclusive results. This does not indicate a problem with the shipment, and it is generally safe to assume it will be delivered normally.

I just tracked my package and USPS shows that it has already been delivered but it wasn't. Help! TOP

Please contact your local USPS office for assistance. For best results, we recommend visiting in person whenever possible. If you can’t physically get to the post office, try asking your regular letter carrier about the package. If you can’t go to the post office, and you can’t ask your mailman, try calling the location that serves your area. We do not recommend emailing the USPS. 

Are your products all natural and vegan? TOP
No on both counts.  While we do try to use natural as possible ingredients sometimes it is necessary to use products that are not 'all natural' to get the desired wear.  We do however research all ingredients to make sure that all ingredients are safe for cosmetic use.  

For the vegans all listings have a full ingredients list so that you can make informed decisions. 

What is the best way to contact you? TOP

You can can either email us at cs.dgcosmetics@gmail.com or you can use the Contact link provided on the home page.

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